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Plague Inc. Evolved APK for iOS: A Strategy Simulation Game Like No Other

Plague Inc Evolved APK iOS: How to Download and Play the Ultimate Pandemic Simulation Game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create a deadly disease and wipe out humanity? If so, you might want to try Plague Inc Evolved, a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. In this game, you control a pathogen that has just infected patient zero, and your goal is to evolve it into a global plague that can overcome everything humans can do to defend themselves.

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Plague Inc Evolved is a remake of the widely acclaimed mobile game Plague Inc, which has infected over 120 million players worldwide. It was developed by Ndemic Creations, a one-man studio based in the UK. The game is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. In this article, we will focus on how to download and play Plague Inc Evolved APK iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

What is Plague Inc Evolved?

A remake of the popular mobile game Plague Inc

Plague Inc Evolved is based on the original Plague Inc game that was released in 2012 for iOS and Android devices. The mobile game was praised by critics and players alike for its realistic and challenging gameplay, as well as its educational value. The game was even featured by the CDC, who invited the developer to speak about the infection models in the game.

Plague Inc Evolved is not just a port of the mobile game, but a full-fledged remake with significant improvements and additions. The game was first released on Steam Early Access in 2014, and then officially launched in 2016. Since then, it has received numerous updates and DLCs that have expanded its content and features.

A realistic and challenging strategy game where you create and evolve a deadly pathogen

The core gameplay of Plague Inc Evolved is similar to Plague Inc you choose one of 10 different disease types (such as bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, bio-weapon, simian flu, shadow plague, or necroa virus) and a starting country for your patient zero. Then you have to evolve your pathogen by spending DNA points on various traits (such as transmissions, symptoms, or abilities) that affect its infectivity, severity, and lethality.

Your ultimate goal is to infect and kill every single human on the planet before they develop a cure for your disease. However, this is easier said than done. You have to deal with various factors such as climate, population density, wealth level, health care system, research speed, government response, public awareness, media coverage, social behavior, genetic drift, mutation rate, etc. You also have to adapt to different events such as natural disasters, wars, riots, special abilities, etc. that can either help or hinder your plague's progress.

Plague Inc Evolved is not a game for the faint of heart. It is a complex and realistic simulation that requires strategic thinking, careful planning, and constant adaptation. You will face many challenges and dilemmas as you try to achieve your sinister goal. Will you go for a fast and furious kill, or a slow and stealthy infection? Will you target the rich or the poor, the young or the old, the healthy or the sick? Will you cooperate or compete with other plagues? Will you be merciful or ruthless?

A game with 10 different disease types, 23 unique scenarios, and various game modes

Plague Inc Evolved offers a lot of variety and replay value for its players. You can choose from 10 different disease types, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special features. For example, bacteria are resilient and adaptable, viruses are fast and unpredictable, fungi are hard to spread but hard to kill, parasites are stealthy and manipulative, prions are slow but powerful, nano-viruses are artificial and controllable, bio-weapons are lethal and volatile, simian flus are intelligent and evolutionary, shadow plagues are ancient and vampiric, and necroa viruses are undead and hungry.

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You can also play 23 unique scenarios that add new twists and challenges to the game. Some of these scenarios are based on real-world events or issues, such as the Black Death, the Swine Flu, the Global Warming, the Fake News, the Brexit, the Planet of the Apes, etc. Others are more fictional or fantastical, such as the Santa's Little Helper, the Volcanic Ash, the Nipah Virus, the Where Is Everyone?, the Mad Cow Disease, etc.

Additionally, you can choose from various game modes that change the gameplay and objectives of the game. You can play the standard mode where you try to wipe out humanity with your plague. You can play the speed run mode where you try to beat the game as fast as possible. You can play the mega-brutal mode where you face extreme difficulty and randomness. You can play the co-op mode where you team up with another player to infect the world together. You can play the versus mode where you compete with another player to see who can kill more people faster. You can play the custom scenarios mode where you can create your own scenarios or play scenarios made by other players.

Why play Plague Inc Evolved on iOS?

Enjoy improved graphics, user interface, and performance on your iPhone or iPad

One of the main reasons to play Plague Inc Evolved on iOS is that you can enjoy a better visual and technical experience than on mobile devices. The game has been optimized for iOS devices with improved graphics, user interface, and performance. You can see more details and animations on your screen, such as blood splatters, corpses, riots, planes flying, etc. You can also navigate through menus and options more easily and intuitively with touch controls. Moreover, you can expect faster loading times and smoother gameplay on your iPhone or iPad.

Access exclusive features such as multiplayer, user-generated content, and achievements

Another reason to play Plague Inc Evolved on iOS is that you can access exclusive features that are not available on mobile devices. One of these features is multiplayer mode, where you can play co-op or versus with another player online or locally. You can also access user-generated content mode, where you can create your own scenarios or play scenarios made by other players. Furthermore, you can unlock achievements that reward you for completing certain tasks or challenges in the game.

Experience the latest updates and DLCs such as Plague Inc: The Cure

A final reason to play Plague Inc Evolved on iOS is that you can experience the latest updates and DLCs that have been released for the game. The developer has been constantly updating and improving the game with new content and features since its launch in 2016. Some of these updates include new disease types (such as simian flu, shadow plague, and necroa virus), new scenarios (such as the Cure, the Fake News, the Brexit, etc.), new game modes (such as speed run, mega-brutal, etc.), and new features (such as gene editing, advanced statistics, etc.). The most rec


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